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The STAR Moodle, a digital platform available 24/7, provides resources and information exchange for Cultural Arts Coordinators.    The moodle also serves as a vehicle to connect partnering districts for the Exploratory Enrichment COSER and houses Rockland BOCES forms used by Cultural Arts Coordinators in the cultural arts process.   Participants in the moodle can share  and seek information on cultural arts programming through various forums on the Moodle.   The STAR moodle is supported by Rockland Teachers’ Center.

This online course is for those who want to design thematic teaching units that will spark the interest of all students. Participants will explore the key components of mapping and design their own standards-based curriculum maps using Rubicon Atlas, an online mapping tool for teachers. With frequent collaboration and feedback from colleagues, participants will know what works, and what needs work, before ever meeting their students.